About Bonkio Game

What is Bonk.io unblocked?

Bonk.io is a super fun and addictive MMO game developed by Chaz, who is also the creator of Tiny Tanks, Project Gungame, and much more. Since the first release date in September 2016, the game has become very popular although it has an extremely simple gameplay. It forces you and multiple competitors to fight against each other in an amazing all-out battle royale. Indeed, you will have the chance to play with up to eight people on the same playing field at once. In general, Bonk.io, which is known as Bonk, is an awesome web browser-based multiplayer online physics game in which you are required to surpass several rivals for the top spot. Once you push others off the edge of the stage, you will increase the ability to survive significantly and you will be the champion without difficulty.

Bonkio unblocked game

Before you embark on your favorite Bonk.io game, you should customize your character that you can only see his face looking like a circle. You can choose any item that you want in order to modify him and make him suit your playing style. After the initial preparation, you will log in or create a new account. Or, you can select to begin as a guest by typing your nickname and pressing the button. After that, there are some sections appearing in front of your eyes. According to the latest update, many skin slots have been added. You can move to Quick Play or Custom Game. When you set active the color you expect, you can step into the playing area. From that moment, you must stay alive as long as possible and collect more kills by launching strong hits at targets and causing them to disappear.


  • Come to Bonk.io game you can take part in an interesting battle with your friends or everybody around the world. To conquer Bonk.io, do not forget to find out the most appropriate strategies and raw skills. Additionally, try to locate yourself cautiously as well as avoiding the collision created by other players while smashing into antagonists.
  • Have a level editor – It will help you build up your own maps and check them. In hundreds of customized playgrounds made by the community and uploaded by you, you can prove your power with tons of participants.
  • The Quick Play will allow you to get into a match rapidly. You can set up Custom Games easily.


  • Use Arrow Keys to move around.
  • Hold X to get heavier. When you are heavy, you will gain much more momentum to bash the prey much further and you are much harder to roam around.