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Instructions: To move your pirate, use the mouse or arrow keys or WASD. To attack enemies, press the spacebar or click the left mouse.

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Have you ever been on a dangerous island filled with evil pirates? Well, with YoHoHo.io game online, you will be dropped onto an island like that and you must fight for your survival. This 2D Shooter IO game lets you take on the role of a wicked pirate whose mission is to slay all other pirates and attempt to grow in size for more power. You need to finish everything standing in your way as fast as possible while defending yourself from various threats around you. With an awesome dashing ability you are provided with, use it wisely to get out of sticky situations or just simply chase down your opponents. Remember to gather gold coins when you roam the map, and use them to purchase awesome items. You should also gather the booty of the downed enemies too, and stay away from the danger zone when it approaches, or else you will take damage. Are you ready? Play YoHoHo.io now!

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