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Instructions: Use the arrow keys or WASD or click on the mini-map to move. Jump to your home planet using the spacebar.

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In an exciting space-themed strategy game called Fleats.io, you will go capture a lot of planets and attempt to develop your own galaxy. This is going to be a fantastic adventure but it’s also very hard to vanquish. You must send out swarms of ships from this planet to another one in order to capture the entire galaxy. You will come across many opponent players who are doing the same task just like you. This means that you need to defeat them before they deal damage to your ships. You have to fight against them using your excellent strategies, outsmart all of them and defend the ships at all costs. The handy tip for you here is to concentrate on larger planets because they produce more ships even faster, and if you move to the middle of the map, you will have a better chance of winning. Jump into the game now!

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