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Instructions: Interact or move using arrow keys or WASD. Do actions by using the number keys.

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In a free-for-all Strategy game called Monarchies.io, you play as ambitious queen honey been who must command a lot of workers to generate a powerful army. The game brings you multiple exciting tasks you need to complete, such as building a hive, laying more eggs, as well as setting missions for your worker bees. These workers are able to forage flowers for nectar and pollen, nurse your brood to generate even more workers, construct a lot of cells onto the hive as well as help you finish off all deadly wasps or even wicked players who are doing the same tasks. All of those mentioned aspects must be managed skillfully so you can make your territory develop through over time. Don’t forget to outsmart all enemies using your smart strategies and lead your workers to successes! Jump into the game now to take on these challenges then conquer them all!

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