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Instructions: Direct the movement of your fox around the map to eat fruits and fight against enemies using the mouse.

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Bigfoxwarz.io unblocked is a fun io game with Agario Style. You are a small fox that wanders around a big forest full of enemies. The mission for a baby fox like you is to eat fruit on the map until you get bigger. On your way hunting for fruit, watch out for other enemy foxes, especially the ones that are bigger than you, otherwise, they will eat you up, causing your game to be over. Since you are a fox, you can run away from those enemies using a lot of holes. Once you have entered a hole, they cannot catch you, which saves your life. After using a hole to escape, you will teleport to another area on the field. Take advantage of to outplay your opponents! When you become a big fox, you can chase down other smaller foxes and make sure you are careful with them using the holes to get away from you. The main goal for you in Bigfoxwarz.io free is to be the largest fox ruling the leaderboard. Much fun with it

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