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Instructions: Use WASD or the arrow keys for moving your tank around the map. Aim and shoot with the mouse. Use the mouse wheel scroll or press Q/E to change weapons, hold down TAB for the scoreboard, and hold down SHIFT for the help menu.

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BlockTanks.io is a top-down 2D shooter io game with two game modes to master: team deathmatch and control point. If you choose to join team deathmatch, you must work together with your team members and attempt to kill the enemy team for points. While in control point, a team will earn a point when keeping a spot on the map for a long enough time. Whatever mode you join, if your team has the most points at the end of the game, your team will win this combat. To that end, make sure you develop your smart strategies as well as use good tactics to get an upper hand on your rival team. As you play, you can advance levels then unlock brand new items to power up your tank. The battle will be getting harder as you progress through stages. Do whatever it takes to remain alive and help your team win! Have fun playing BlockTanks.io unblocked for free!

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