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Bumper Cars

Instructions: Move your bumper car around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Use the spacebar to speed it up.

Bumper Cars about:

Bumper Cars

Get ready to race against skilled opponents in Bumper Cars unblocked and see if you can fight them off. Bumper Cars online is a unique racing io game that lets you play as an alien who has to drive his bumper car around in the space arena to fight off all other aliens. You must think strategically and move fast for a chance to fight them off. Since nobody is your friend, you don’t have to be kind to them. Just quickly outmaneuver them, smash into them and run them off the edge of the map while defending yourself from their attacks. They will deal damage to you whenever they have a chance for that. As you kill enemies, you will gain size and mass, which can make you find it harder a bit to control. Watch out for the size of the play area too because it will gradually shrink. Make sure you stay in the safe area and avoid all attacks from your enemies. You must become the best alien on the leaderboard!

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