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Instructions: The left mouse button is used for controlling and interacting with the objects in the game. Or, you can use the touchpad or touch the screen (for mobile) to play the game.

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Colonist.io unblocked brings a lot of challenges to players to conquer. It is one of the best strategy io games for now. You can play Colonist.io for free in your browser to meet new players and challenge them to crazy matches. You take on the role of a colonist trying to build a civilization and grow the territory through over time. It is not an easy goal to obtain when you have no resources. Hence, you must go around the map searching for some, especially various tiles on the board, take over them quickly and take them back to your main territory to expand it as well as create more settlements. Once you have built those settlements, you will earn higher production and more points. Earning them is good, but it also makes you a target to other players. You need to develop your strategies as well as use nice tactics to defeat the enemies. Will you vanquish all challenges and become the winner in Colonist.io game? Have fun!

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