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Instructions: Perform your movement and navigate through the arena using the mouse. Click the left mouse to fire, click the right mouse to dash, and use the mouse to choose or browse through different weapons at each level.

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Try out another shooter game called GunFu for more epic challenges. It is so competitive but very fun to master. GunFu unblocked will have players around the world competing against each other in the same arena. All you have to do is to become the best among all of them. To reach that goal, you must venture out into areas on the map to kill all enemies using some basic weapons you have. As you progress, you can get access to new advanced weapons then make use of them to rack up your skills. The weapons featured in GunFu shooting game are a shotgun, a sniper rifle, heavy machinery, and other weapons. Remember that you have to protect yourself from the enemy shots too because if you die, you will be taken back to level 0 as a starting point. Try your best to remain alive and progress to the next level. Can you rule the arena? Join it now!

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