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Instructions: Use the arrow keys to direct the movement of your ball in the game.

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HoppingBalls.io unblocked is an entertaining io game revolving around an epic race where you compete against other opponents. You will take control of a 3D ball in this unique game and you must take this chance to show off your ball-controlling skill because you need to beat all opponents for a chance of winning. Carefully control the ball and bounce your way through a huge arena as you attempt to dodge all spikes with dangerous obstacles. Be careful with the enemies too! You cannot let them surpass you! You must bounce faster to leave them all behind and stop them from defeating you. If you have a good performance as well as beat enemies, you will earn a high score, making you the leader on the leaderboard and the victor of the race. HoppingBalls.io game is free to play in browsers, so you can play it anytime you want! Get ready for the race! Much fun with it!

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