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Instructions: Move your killer around the party using arrow keys or WASD. Use Z to kill enemies and use X to interact with the in-game objects.

Killer.io about:


Killer.io is a unique killer simulator io game in which you take on the role of a silent killer whose mission is to slay as many people as the Halloween party as possible. This can be an interesting yet hard mission for you to do because you are not allowed to be get caught by anybody. You have to make your way through the middle of the Halloween party carefully hunting for the targets then quickly slay them all before it’s too late. If you get caught, the game will be over for you immediately. You can express all of your excellent skills, together with smart strategies to get an upper hand on other people. Carefully interact with all the in-game objects for more advantages in the killing. You aim to become the best silent killer in Killer.io free game. Are you ready to take on this mission? Jump into it now! Have fun!

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