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Instructions: Use the left mouse to shoot, press E/F to interact with objects, use Q to toggle the build mode to build walls, click the left mouse to build the wall. Press the spacebar for jumping, press Shift to sprint, press R to reload, press M to view the map, use keys 1-6 to change guns. Use the mouse to drop or move the items to wherever you want.

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It must be fun to have a new experience with another battle royale io game called Kize.io. Are you ready to meet more competitors and challenge them to a crazy match? Kizie.io unblocked is a game that suits your desire now. All players will be dropped in a lobby. They must be ready and get to the main map to start the battle. Like others, you are unarmed when you enter the map. Hence, you need to make your way through the map unlocking a lot of chests, looting other competitors, creating a base, and farming materials. All of these things will help you survive the first basic challenges. Plus, you must make use of them to dish out damage to other enemies as well as dodge the storm. Remember to develop your smart strategies throughout the course of the fight so you can get an edge over other enemies and have a high chance to become the ultimate Kize.

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