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MiniRoyale 2 – Battle Royale Game

Instructions: Use WASD for the movement, press Shift to walk slowly, aim with the mouse, shoot with the left mouse, focus with the right mouse, jump with the spacebar, open the map or table using Caps Lock, use TAB for the inventory, press number keys 1-4 to change weapons, use X for the pill or syringe, and use H for the dance emote.

MiniRoyale 2 – Battle Royale Game about:

MiniRoyale 2 - Battle Royale Game

Conquering battle royale io games is not easy, and with MiniRoyale 2 unblocked, you will go through even more challenges. The second chapter features exclusive 3D graphics, better gameplay, and more. There will be 10 competitors fighting one another in the same lobby for a chance of becoming the last man standing. Since you are unarmed when stepping into the battle, you need to equip yourself with weapons, supplies, and other gadgets by moving around the map to find them. They will help you dish out damage to rivals. You have to kill them all before they escape or attack you back. If you take damage, the game will be over. In addition, you need to protect yourself from the zone shrinking in size because it dishes out damage to players around you. So, try to stay inside the zone and be on the lookout for your surroundings. Can you triumph over all of the enemies in MiniRoyale 2 online? Have fun!

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