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Snow War.io

Instructions: Use WASD to move your character. Use the mouse to collect snow and release it to throw the snowball at your opponents.

Snow War.io about:

Snow War.io

Snow War.io unblocked drops you in a snow-covered arena where you have to fight like a real fighter for the ultimate domination. The whole arena is very huge but it is also very dangerous to conquer when you face up to many enemies from around the world. You become a snowman moving through the map to collect a lot of snow then form big snowballs. You will aim and throw these snowballs at enemies around you to eliminate them before someone does the same to you. Watch out for the edges of the arena and make sure you will not fall off of it. Also, try not to get yourself frozen, otherwise, it will take you a few seconds to unfreeze. You need to slay all enemies standing in your way while avoiding their snowballs. If you get hit, the game will be over, so play it carefully. You aim to become the best snowman of all in Snow War.io free online game!

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