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Instructions: Click and drag the mouse button to move your player

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Soccer.io is one of the most interesting sports games set in io style. It’s completely free for all to play! It is about a cool multiplayer match where you will compete with a lot of rivals online. To turn into the winner, you need to eliminate as many people as possible. It’s important to become the last standing man on the map!
Engage in the survival tournament of Soccer.io unblocked and you can test your shooting ability in another way. You are forced to move fast after you enter the playfield. It is very useful for you to avoid hits and protect your goal. Not only that, you do not forget to knock the balls into the opponent’s net to increase your point. Especially, you will have the chance to grow bigger. Are you ready to participate in the first round and kick off everybody? Select the name you want and start to show your skills right now!

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