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Instructions: Move back and forth across the screen using the mouse. Click the left mouse to jump.

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Tangies.io unblocked is a tough yet epic avoider game with exclusive gameplay. You can play Tangies.io for free now to express your skills and see if you can beat all the challenges. It’s all about you trying to avoid asteroids smashing your planet. To do this, you must sprint back and forth from the sides of the screen. Make sure you will not get hit by the falling asteroids. Other players are doing the same task, but you can only see them as ethereal ghosts. All of you must compete against each other for the limited amount of resources falling from the sky. If you collect upgrades for yourself, such as shields, energy, fireball, and invisibility, you will have a high chance to beat your opponents. Do whatever it takes to survive and earn a lot of points to become the winner. Prove your excellent skills in Tangies.io online now! Wish you luck!

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